School Laboratories

Scholars Rosary Senior Secondary School has world – class laboratories that are equipped with the latest and most modern facilities. It helps students to understand the nature of science – scientific enterprise, scientists and how they work, existence of a multiplicity of scientific methods, interrelationships between science and technology and among the various disciplines of science. Laboratory training is also frequently used to develop skills necessary for more advanced study or research. Scholars Rosary Senior Secondary School has Computer labs most of which have been furnished with brand new computers every 3 years. Students are able to research information quickly. They can find their own answers, discover their own truths. The school also has one of the finest Robotics Laboratory at school-level, which is available to students of classes V to XII. The student-friendly atmosphere in these laboratories helps to enrich the overall personality of the students through motivation and reinforcement.

1. Computer Labs

2. Mathematics Laboratory

3. Robotics Laboratory

1. Junior Composite Laboratory

2. Physics Laboratory

3. Chemistry Laboratory

4. Biology Laboratory

School Transport

All applications regarding availing of the facility of the school bus or discontinuing it or the change of bus stops is to be submitted at school reception.

The service is not mandatory but only an extra facility provided to the school students.

Routes of the school buses are drawn up carefully after giving due consideration to the convenience of the parents. However, the decision of the school authorities on routing, timing, pick-up points, etc. of the bus will be final.

All students using school bus are expected to be on the right side of the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.

All students must be seated immediately after boarding their bus.

Students are not allowed to eat in the bus.

The children will be only handed over to the designated person at the bus stop.

In case of a change of residence address, no child will be allowed to change the bus route without prior permission of school authorities.

Students are expected to obey the caretaker and bus monitors appointed by the school. Indiscipline in the will not be tolerated and may lead to debarring the students from traveling in the bus or even discontinuation of the bus service for him/her.


The school cafeteria is a holistic effort to nurture social values & norms enabling pupils to form good eating habits, table manners, sharing & caring besides providing fresh, healthy and nutritious food. School lunch is a chance to steer your kids towards good choices especially with younger kids. All efforts are made to maintain strict hygiene besides providing a rich, balanced diet. A monthly planned menu keeping in view the nutritional requirements is given for home reference.


1. The student will be enrolled in the cafeteria list in the beginning of new academic session with prior information in written to the front desk and dues cleared quarterly with accounts office in advance.

2. Enrollment in the cafeteria would be strictly for the whole year with no in between leaving or joining.

3. CAFETERIA PLUS cards will be issued by accounts department on full payment of dues. The card should be carried daily pasted along with the identity card.

4. In case of special needs in specific circumstances written information should be given to cafeteria in charge.