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“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book. The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who can’t read”

To maintain the same spirit and to inculcate the good reading habits among children we celebrated book week in the month of October. During the week children experienced the fun of reading and as a result loving their books. Some useful and exiting activities were also conducted during the week:

  • Making a book mark – Beautiful and eye capturing book marks were made and were used by themselves in their books.
  • Making a book hospital – As part of this activity children mended their torn books and displayed them beautifully in their respective classrooms.
  • Collage making on the topic “The book I read ” – was an inter section competition to show case students urge to learn and express themselves.

  • Writing a book review competition – In this activity children were asked to read their favourite books and write a review about the character of the story, Values they learned and what else they liked about the book.
  • Dressing up as favorite book character and enacting : – This activity was enjoyed by students a lot as they got the chance to act like their favorite book character and dressing up like them in innovative way.
  • Fun with dictionary :- Children prepared their own dictionary with new words they read or listen in everyday life that will help them o enrich their vocabulary and will be easy for them to learn easily.

All of these activities were conducted during the book week and certificates were also awarded to the children for their excellent performance during the week. Participation was also encouraged and appreciated by giving certificates to all participants.

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